Restaurant Permit in Hungtington Beach, CA (Case Study)

Our permit company wants to help you and your restaurant succeed!  Through the years while dealing with various city, we understand the permitting process and able to obtain permits for our clients in a timely manner.  Here is a case study based on our findings in the City of Huntington Beach; In order for the restaurant to serve alcohol, the City will require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) which can take 4 or 5 months to complete.  The project must go through a hearing process once the City has notified the nearby residents and occupants in the vicinity.   This review process could be lengthy where the City will provide a discretionary review whether it makes sense to grant the business an approval for alcohol sale especially for the benefits of the community.  The Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) will then require a CUP approval from the City before allowing serving of alcohol.   However, we would suggest first getting a permit to open the restaurant while working on the alcohol license concurrently.  Usually that would be the preferred option other restaurants have pursued in our experience.  This way, it saves the owners time and enabled them to get the business up and running in 30 to 60 days once the construction plans are submitted to the City.  The expedited process is called Plan Review without alcohol use.   Though as sometimes it may seem that the parking won’t be an issue but the City want to see proof that an adequate parking will be provided for the proposed use.  A parking analysis will need to done for the entire building showing all tenants and square footage for each space as well identification of their uses.  That way, the City will be able to determine if in fact adding a restaurant would not have an issue with parking.  Per the City’s code, it indicated as following;

Eating and Drinking Establishments

with less than 12 seats:  1 per 200 sq. ft.
with more than 12 seats:   1 per 60 sq. ft. or 1 per 100 sq. ft. when on a site with 3 or more uses

Secondly, as part of opening up a new restaurant, all food facilities must go through a plan check & review with Orange County Environmental Health independent from the City in order to ensure the establishment will be constructed according to the Health design guidelines for food safety and risk free for all employees and guests.  This process runs simultaneously when City provides its review although at some occasions the City would require an approval from Health department before signing off the plans.  While permitting the restaurant, it is advisable to have a menu in place because that is something Health department will want to see as part of the requirements.   Our permit expediter had consult with multiple departments;

Planning Department
Building Division
Health Department
Alcohol Beverage Control

Our permit company has some useful information about the permitting process and design requirements set forth by the agency.  Now that we have gathered all the information you need to begin the review process,  the next step to design the space to your liking and prepare construction documents for submission.

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