HVAC Permits

PermitXpress is working to bring you the most up-to-date building code regulation and to help the business owners and contractors understand the law when installing the mechanical units on the building.

Here is the message from the California Energy Commission & Contractors State License Board;

Replacing or Installing a heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning system?  Make sure you follow these 3 steps:

  1. Get a Building permit.  California Law requires a building permit for this type of work.  The contractors State License Board may impose civil penalties of up to $5,000 per citation and/or revoke your license if you do not get a permit.  You may also be subject to fines from your local building department.
  2. Test the duct system and verify refrigerant charge.  In most existing homes, you must ensure that duct leakage is less than 15% and verify refrigerant charge.
  3. Have your work independently verified.  Before work begins you must give your customer the choice of requiring a HERS rater verify duct sealing and refrigerant charge, or have the system included in a random sample for verification.

Why? Following these steps will save your customers money, make their homes more comfortable, and help the environment.   Have questions? Need help with getting a permit for your HAVC installation? Please contact our permit service department at (714) 815-4455 or fill out the form below.