Hiring a Permit Expediter?

Here are what we do day in and day out to help our counterpart conquer the world of bureaucracy;

We, the Permit Expediters, are someone who decreases the amount of time and effort required to complete a task at hand. When the assignment is to obtain a building permit in any given City there is much difficulty associated with this as it is a long and complicated process. Expediters are regularly utilized by building and construction companies in Orange County and Los Angeles due to this reason and have been deemed invaluable by most professionals in the industry. There is a great amount of red tape associated with the permitting process that it is barely worth the time of a construction company or business owners to attempt to acquire one on their own, therefore many have resorted to partnering with us to improve their turnaround time on projects while keeping costs as low as possible.

The foremost benefit of working with a permit expediter is that we understand exactly how to obtain a permit for each specific situation. These applications can vary greatly across jurisdictions and are tailored for each zoning requirement.  No Cities are the same. If there is anything wrong or incomplete with the application the entire process will have to be started again from scratch which is a huge waste of time and resources. Experienced expeditors will know precisely what to fill out and have their staff review the entire application before submitting this to the planning department or building & safety department for approvals. Most companies have found that only frustrations and wasted time and money will result if they pursue the permits on their own as that is not their priority. The process is constantly evolving and local expediters make it their responsibility to stay on top of zoning and building code changes to avoid any missteps in the progression.

The amount of time required to have a permit approved on your own can seriously set back projects and cause deadlines to not be met. The expediting services have all of the right connections and can get a permit approved faster than anyone who has to follow each and every step made available to the public. The firms will even track the progress of the permit and deliver it to the job site when it is complete eliminating any waste of time. The largest setback experienced by contractors and our past business owners is when there are simple mistakes in the application and they have to take a few steps back wasting days on average. Businesses can’t afford this time so getting it right the first time has proven invaluable in the pursuit of building permits.

You can schedule a meeting with a permit specialist and learn about why using an expediter for obtaining building and construction permits from a reputable resource with years of experience as a go-to person when it comes to getting a permit approved through the city is an invaluable person in your team.  We have been helping our clients obtain permits for years and have established the reputation as a leader in the industry.