Frequently Ask Questions


Who is permit expediter?

Permit expediter is a full time professional working at the permit counter on the daily basis. He is also known as facilitator that pushes projects and gets permits approved through the City more quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of a hiring expediter?

Using a permit expediter, it saves the projects money and efforts.  In most cities, the permitting process can be time-consuming, with contractors or their employees spending hours on the road and waiting at the permit counter. Hiring an expediter can be a cost-effective way to process a permit and free up staffs for more skilled work.

How much does it cost to hire a permit expediter?

We provide most services at a discount flat rate.  Click here for Standard Permit Service Fees

Each project is different and takes a different amount of time, so clients are only charged for how long it takes for their project.  While we are helping our clients achieve their budgets and keep the costs as low as possible, our permit specialist can help you design a package that is right for you.  For complex projects, please consult with our team.

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