Proposal: New 364,606 square feet Apartment Community miles from premier shopping venue South Coast Plaza of Costa Mesa. (Coming Soon!)

Permit Type: Major Development & Land Use Entitlement Entitlement & Building Permits- This project is considered to be one of biggest projects we have participated in.  The apartment complex consists of 300 unit complex is wrapped around a 5 level, 226,769 sf parking structure along with two additional 5 story buildings including ground floor retail and leasing offices.

Location: City of Santa Ana, CA

Proposal: Tenant Improvements and complete renovation of existing 50,000 square feet space into a furniture store. 

Permit Type: Tenant Improvements plus exterior modifications & MEP permits

Location: City of Anaheim, CA

Proposal: New 70,000 square feet Mixed Use of commercial / Retail shopping center

Permit Type: Major Development Entitlement & Permits- Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Signage, Planning & Building Permits.

Location: City of Buena Park, CA

Proposal: New 7,500 square feet Ice Cream Parlour Full Service Restaurant along major corridor of Beach Blvd. 

Permit Type:Remodeling a full service restaurant with 1,248 sq. ft expansion and site modifications to accommodate Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant including sale of beer and wine for one site consumption.  Permits required are including Alcoholic License, Health Permit / New Restaurant Retail /Food Facility Permit, Zoning Approval, Building Permits

Location: City of Buena Park, CA

Proposal: Furniture Store / Major Interior & Exterior Renovation to an 50,000 square feet existing building

Permit Type: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Signage, Planning & Building Permits.

Location: City of Torrance, CA

Proposal: Interior renovations of an existing 3,704 sq. ft building for TitleMax Finance Lender/Car Title Loans. Removal of vestibule, adding a wall to allow a separate work area, new flooring and paint for interior and exterior.

Permit Type: Interior Remodeling Permit, Los Angeles County Building & Planning Permit, including Pluming, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, Signage, and Energy.

Location: City of Carson, CA

Project Proposal: A Water Service Company located in Altadena, CA is proposing to install a 65.5 KW, grid tied solar power panels, Photovoltaic (PV) system on a freestanding  support structure in order to operate reservoir booster pumps.  Recently, the company has seen a high increase in electrical bills.  This particular site so called Ware Reservoir uses a large amount of energy primarily for pumping water.  Electric energy costs are a significant percentage of total operating costs. The number of wells, extensive service area size, and elevation changes within the district create the need for a vast amount of energy to pump water.  Solar power is known to be increasingly cost effective means to secure competitive, stable, long term electricity prices; reduce carbon footprint; and improve the sustainability of California public water agencies.  

Permit Type / Permit Process: The site project is located in 42,000 square feet water service facility of an incorporated area of Los Angeles County.  After in person consultation with the Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning, it was determined that the solar panels are an appurtenant use to the pump house and water tank.  Therefore the proposed use requires a Conditional Use Permit in the R-1 zone.  Based on the findings,  we were able to proved the proposed project is in consistent with the General Plan and applicable Community plan, as the structure is in compliance with the standards for yards and heights as the project will not have a negative impact on the environment nor does it increase  additional traffic.   Once Planning’s approved, the project will then be forwarded to Los Angeles Department of Public Works for further review and approval.  We anticipated the entire process to be 6 to 9 months before the permit can be final.

Location: Altadena, CA  (County of Los Angeles)

Project Proposal:  The project is involved a new restaurant for Brazilian BBQ buffet concept in a retail center anchored by Dollar Tree located in Huntington Beach, CA.
Based on the site walk, the space is roughly about 1,896 sq ft with empty shell.  As existing, there is a unisex restroom however we may need to provide additional one per new code.  For a new restaurant a permit will require complete set of drawings for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Building etc

Permit Type / Permit Process: Staff Review, Conditional Use Permit for Sale of Alcohol; Our permit technician are required to prepare a complete set of construction drawings to be submitted to the City and Health Department.  See blogs for more information on the permit process in City of Huntington Beach.

Location: City of Huntington Beach, CA

Proposal: The proposal includes a  “Hookah Lounge” is to be located in a 1725 square feet tenant space located within an existing retail center Ontario Vineyard Pavilion. 

Permit Type:  Tenant Improvement & Interior Renovation.

Location:  Ontario, CA

Project Proposal: Small Restaurant is applying for a change of use for the tenant space from existing apparel retail to a small restaurant.   The restaurant is casual Asian cuisine which is intending to cater healthy Chinese food to the nearby residents and UCLA students.  The hours and days of operation are tentatively scheduled for Monday through Sunday from 10am to 10pm, also number of employees at a given day is two to three person. 
The project will not increase the Building footprint and is consist of minor improvements to the interior with no changes to exterior façade including relocating existing restroom per ADA compliance and installation of a new kitchen with equipments.  As existing, the surrounding proprieties are mixed use as the subject location is multi-tenant building with twenty four parking spaces including ADA parking.  It has been determined that the proposed use for a restaurant of 1000 square feet or less will require three parking spaces, one space per 200 S.F accordance to City of Los Angeles Code (proposed square footage of 661 S.F divided by 200 S.F equals to three parking space required).   The parking space requirement remains the same as previous use for retail where one parking space required for each 250 S.F.The dining room has been designed to accommodate approximately four tables with fourteen chairs as the restaurant will be offering a takeout as part of the operation.  The restaurant will be offering nutritious Asian menu to our customer at an affordable price.

Permit Type / Permit Process:   The subject property is located in Westwood Village Specific Plan.  We are seeking staff recommendation of approval for the change of use and utilize this particular space in commercial zone to operate a small restaurant.  The tenant improvement will conform with all of the provisions of the specific plan and be consistent with the West Village design guidelines including any architectural style of the building relating to the surrounding, all mechanical equipment and other appurtenances are to be screened from public view as well as any exterior treatment including color, texture and architectural features shall be applied to all exterior walls in a similar manner.

Location: City of Los Angeles, CA

Project Proposal:  This is for an existing warehouse/storage facility with no improvements as the contractor (Cell Tree Inc) is intending to store stealth materials and some equipments.  Currently there are an small interior enclosures for restroom and bathroom. 

Permit Type / Permit Process: We are dealing with a typical a Conditional Use application where the City is asking for exhibits to show existing and proposed site plan & floor plan. 

Location: City of Colton, CA

Proposal: Installation of 160 sq.ft. stand alone kiosk for shoe display inside a shopping mall

Permit Type: Tenant Improvements & Electrical Permits

Location: City of Brea, CA

Proposal: Hawaii Shave Ice / Soft Serve

Permit Type: Los Angeles County Environmental Health, Food Facility Permit, Seller’s Permit, Tenant Improvements & Remodeling Permit

Location: City of Montebello, CA

Proposal: Fast Food Restaurant

Permit Type: Los Angeles County Environmental Health, Food Facility Permit, Seller’s Permit, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Tenant Improvements & Remodeling Permit
City of Industry, CA

Proposal: Convenience Store

Permit Type: Conditional Use Permit, Orange County Environmental Health Permit, Food Permit, Beer & Wine License

Location: City of Anaheim, CA

Proposal: Addition to Existing Office Building

Application Type: Design Review

Location: City of Yorba Linda, CA

Proposal: Paint Studio & Lounge

Permit Type: Conditional Use Permit, LA County Environmental Health Permit, Food Facility Permit, Beer & Wine License

Location: City of West Hollywood, CA

Proposal: Rent-A-Car Center

Permit Type: Conditional Use Permit

Location: City of Costa Mesa, CA

Proposal: Tutoring Center

Permit Type: Tenant Improvements, Specialized School

Location: City of Huntington Beach, CA

Proposal: Sign Installation for Fitness Facility

Permit Type: Sign Permits

Location: City of Canoga Park, CA

Proposal: Wireless Telecommunications Facility,Co-location for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint PCS

Permit Type: Conditional Use Permit

Location: City of Palm Desert, CA

Proposal: Restaurant / Food Service Facility

Permit Type: Food Service Permit, Conditional Use Permit, ABC Type 40 On Sale Beer, Public Health Operating Permit

Location: City of La Habra, CA