Tenant Improvements (TI)

Are you planning to remodeling your business or making changes to the interior of a commercial, industrial or non-residential building? Chances are you will need a building permit before starting the work.

What is Tenant Improvement Permit (TI)?

Tenant Improvement Permit is commonly granted to any changes made to the interior of a commercial or non residential property by its owner to accommodate the needs of a tenant such as interior building alternations, upgrades to any existing Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical fixtures and other work including signs, fire safety systems, storage area, assembly areas, and work involving hazardBuilding Permitous materials may require additional permit.  The party that bears what portion of TI costs is negotiated between the lessor and the lessee, and is usually documented in the lease agreement.  For commercial alternation projects, you may also need separate plumbing, mechanical, and/or electrical permits for the work done by contractors in each specialty, depending on your individual project.  In some cases, a building permit for commercial alteration project which includes additional exterior work, structural changes, or increase in building footprint.     For examples, if you are planning on adding or removing an interior wall in your office building, adding kitchen in a restaurant, erecting new high pile storage racks in a warehouse, remodeling a showroom in existing furniture store, or constructing a new restroom in existing commercial space whichever the case may be, you will need a building permit.  Working with our permit company, we will ensure that you comply with the codes.


Determine Zoning

Before developing a parcel of land in Los Angeles or Orange County, our permit agent can help you determine if the parcel is zoned for your desired use or if there are any special development considerations for your type of business.

Our permit expediter will work with Planning Division in that respective City and inform you the zoning of the property or if there are any special considerations for your project.  If your project requires special handling, our permit technician will inform you of the requirements and next steps.

Before contacting our permit services department, please have the following information available:

  • Property’s Address
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)
  • Description of your proposed project

If our permit service agent has determined that your proposed project meets the zoning requirements, you will typically follow the process given below.  If not, we will inform you of your options.

Submit Building Plans

After the Planning review process has been completed, building plans can be submitted for review.  Our permit service agent will assist you with preparing a permit application and gather all other necessary forms to submit to the Building & Safety department.  Often, depending upon the type of project and the complexity of construction, professional plans are required to be prepared and stamped by a licensed professional.  Our permit service agent will examine your plans for conformance to code requirements and usually a fee is required for plan review.   The construction drawings must meet the minimum requirements as follows;

  • Please clearly distinguish between existing conditions and proposed work.
  • The plans may need to be stamped by an architect or engineer, registered in the State of California.
  • The plans must be legible, reproducible, black and white, with appropriate line weights and line types.
  • Use a paper size, and a recognizable scale that will provide room to clearly show all details and allow for the addition of City review notes and stamps

Get Permits

When your plans are approved, our permit expediter will notify you and at the time you may pay the permit fees, and the Building Safety Division will then issue the required permits for your project.

Schedule Inspections

Once the construction has been completed according to the permitted plans, you will need to call and request an inspection. Inspections are required to ensure that all work was completed correctly, based on building and safety codes currently in effect.


After your final inspection, your project will be considered complete and a certificate of occupancy may be issued for your business if needed.

Need help? PermitXpress is a permit company specializes in expediting permits for remodeling or renovation projects Before beginning any commercial tenant improvement project there are steps to take to make sure your project will be in compliance with State and local regulations regarding land and construction.  Please consult with our permit service agent.

We encourage you to call our permit service department to discuss the permit needs for your project.  Our permit company can assist you in determining if your project includes work that would change the occupancy or use of an existing building, please consult with our permit technician before you prepare submittal materials and project plans.   Our permit service agent will help you with information tailored to your project. Please call (714) 815-4455 or fill out the form below;