Solar Permits (PV)

Solar Permits

Permit Xpress also specializes in expediting solar permits quickly so the homeowners can start enjoy their renewable energy.  Solar permit processing time varies from City to City depending the criteria such as aesthetic factor, size of the system and other plan check requirements.

Local jurisdictions are responsible for establishing the permitting requirements for new solar system construction and installation in their territory. WhilSolar permite jurisdictions everywhere share most of the same challenges in ensuring the safety of new PV systems,  due to the fact that solar system has not been around long enough, inexperience municipality with PV has led many  to implement unnecessarily complex and inconsistent permitting procedures. In these cases, barriers of time and expense brought about by requiring multiple departments to review the same application severely inhibit the timely and efficient construction of new PV systems.  But rest assure, our permit specialist have you covered!

At the same time, the majority of residential-sized PV systems installed in the Orange County & Los Angeles Area share many similarities of design. Our experience with the City’s requirements allows for a  standardized expedited permit processing for the solar systems across the board.

Several portions of Title 24 govern installation of a solar PV system:
California Building Code, Title 24, Part 2
California Residential Code, Title 24, Part 2.5 (One- and Two-family dwellings)
California Electrical Code, Title 24, Part 3
California Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6
California Fire Code, Title 24, Part 9

Securing approval for a solar PV project involves several basic steps. First a permit application is submitted to a local permitting agency, known within government as the “enforcing agency,” and reviewed by that agency.  Usually the project would be reviewed by Planning/Zoning section and Building & Safety Department. Typically, a permit is submitted on behalf of a building owner by our permit specialist.  Once the permit application is approved, the applicant has permission to build the solar installation. After the solar installation is constructed, it is inspected by the enforcing agency to ensure it complies with applicable building codes and local ordinances.

Our permit company can help you save time and money by doing the following these tips:

• Take time to review permit requirements of the local jurisdiction.  Permitting rules and processes differ among different cities and counties. Understanding all local requirements will allow permit applicants to submit a complete and accurate permit application packet the first time.
• Contact the local electric utility early in the permitting process. Local electric utilities have a completely separate approval process from the local jurisdiction’s permitting process. Some electric utilities may require that the solar project be reviewed before the local jurisdiction issues a building permit. Pursuing utility approval early in the permit process enables the solar PV system to become operational as soon as possible.
• Make sure that the solar installation that is built matches the submitted plans. The on-site inspector will verify that the installation matches proposed plans, and any changes may require corrections and additional inspections.

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