Sign Permits

Banner & Sign Permits

The Sign company is “the name of the game”.  It is growing sector of our business as we have been helping Sign Sign PermitsCompanies of all kinds issuing sign permit throughout Southern California; We provide permit expediting services to sign manufacturers, fabricators, and installers in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles. Typically, per the City’s code, the maximum size of the sign is limited to the frontage of your leasehold. Signs and banners, both temporary and permanent ones, are regulated by City ordinance as to size, number, location and height. Certain location may be subject to a sign program within the particular commercial or retail building. This ensures compatibility between signs and other structures and reduces possible detrimental effects. Before installing, altering or moving a new or existing sign, plans must be first submitted to and approved by the Community Development Department of the City in which the business is located.

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